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Auto Background Removal API

Remove image background with just a single API

$ curl -H 'X-API-Key: YOUR_API_KEY'
-F 'image_file=@/PATH_TO/file.jpg'
-f -o no-bg.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Slicify’s API can be used to integrate the background removal platform in your website, application, or product. It is a HTTP-based interface with several options.

An application programming interface (API) key is a unique identifier which is used to validate a user, developer or calling a program to an API. With our open API, you can connect the Auto Background removal technology of with multiple applications at the same time or you can build on your own. You can find your API key in the Account settings menu.

There are several ways to use the Slicify API, one of them being user-generated content.

Here are examples of user-generated content use cases.

  • Design tools and image editing softwares
  • Online stores having product customization tools, allowing users to upload images of themselves and placing them on the product
  • Social media applications, messengers, and platforms
  • Photo booths & events
  • PR/Advertising campaigns with engaging content